SL Benfica Players Salaries 2022-23

SL Benfica Players Salaries 2022-23 Primeira Liga Season

Sport Lisboa e Benfica, commonly known as Benfica, is a professional football club based in Lisbon, Portugal, that competes in the Primeira Liga, the top flight of Portuguese football.

SL Benfica

SL Benfica Players Salaries? SL Benfica Squad Wages: How much does each football player earn? Have you ever wondered which players are the most paid at Benfica? What are the Benfica Players Wages for season 2022-23?


Through a lot of research, we spent countless hours over the last period monitoring football transfers/contracts, digging through every possible press release, news, article, encyclopedia, website, database and we also have a chance to consult with top-rated industry experts and football insiders regarding SL Benfica football club in an attempt to bring you this list.

Given below we present to you list of the Benfica Players Salaries and their current weekly wages from the highest to the lowest:

SL Benfica Payroll

Player Gross Weekly Wages
David Neres € 78,000
João Mário € 75,000
Julian Draxler € 56,000
Rafa Silva € 49,000
Nicolás Otamendi € 42,000
Alejandro Grimaldo € 31,000
Florentino € 26,000
Lucas Veríssimo € 19,000
André Almeida € 17,000
Odysseas Vlachodimos € 16,000
Gil Dias € 12,000
Helton Leite € 10,000
Gilberto € 10,000
Chiquinho € 8,000
Diogo Gonçalves € 5,000
Rodrigo Pinho € 5,000
Morato € 4,000
Paulo Bernardo € 4,000
Gonçalo Ramos € 4,000

Players Wages

Who is SL Benfica’s highest earner? Who is the highest paid football player at SL Benfica?

David Neres earns the most of all the Benfica players. David Neres is currently the highest-paid Benfica player, earning 78,000 euros per week.

What is SL Benfica’s weekly wage bill for the 2022-23 season?

SL Benfica’s weekly wage bill is currently 468,600 euros.

What is SL Benfica’s yearly wage bill for the 2022-23 season?

SL Benfica’s annual wage bill is currently 24,280,000 euros.

If you are interested about SL Benfica Players Salaries for the season 2023-24, you can find this information on the following link.

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*Editor’s Note: Please note that these amounts are approximate and in no way official. It is extremely hard to find official Benfica Players Salaries but we believe that through our research we present this information as close to accurate. The financial numbers are the best representation of all of our research. More details regarding to new players included to the squad of SL Benfica will be updated after the summer transfer window. This coverage may be limited or incomplete.