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In a calculated maneuver, Newcastle United is delving into the feasibility of transferring a team player who does not factor into the tactical blueprints of the present manager. Ryan Fraser, a signing who officially joined the ranks of Newcastle United on September 7th, 2020, subsequently inking a contract spanning an expansive five-year duration, finds himself potentially on the brink of departing the team’s roster. During his tenure, Fraser made an indelible mark by gracing the pitch in 53 encounters adorned in the emblematic Newcastle United jersey, mustering a commendable tally of 2 goals.

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Assessments freshly conducted by the reputable Transfermarkt.com project Fraser’s current market valuation at 6 million euros. Expanding his horizons beyond the precincts of the club, Fraser significantly bolstered his footprint by engaging in 25 matches while representing the Scottish national team, an endeavor crowned by an impressive contribution of 4 goals.

As the climactic closure of the transfer window looms, scheduled to unfold at the threshold of 1st September, Newcastle United are methodically putting the finishing touches on their ongoing transfer operations. In a notable revelation stemming from Italy, a report relayed by Sky Sports unveils Empoli’s conspicuous ardor in orchestrating a loan agreement to secure the accomplished United winger, Ryan Fraser.

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This potential transfer narrative has elicited considerable traction across the football landscape. Manifestly, Newcastle United are disposed towards expediting Fraser’s departure, an inclination primarily rooted in his ostensibly fractious relationship with Eddie Howe. The intriguing twist lies in the fact that, despite their history of collaboration during their shared stint at Bournemouth, Fraser and Howe found themselves at loggerheads in the antecedent term, an impasse that seems to have exerted a discernible sway on unfolding events.

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Empoli’s zeal to broker a pact with Newcastle United resonates palpably, albeit with an earmarked proviso. The Italian entity appears poised to covering an approximate 50 percent of Fraser’s salary package. This provision unveils a potential accord that stands to confer mutual advantages upon all stakeholders involved.

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Will Ryan Fraser end up at Empoli this summer?

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