Manchester United surprisingly linked with Benfica’s Joao Neves

Manchester United diligently scouted the electrifying performance of Joao Neves, the midfield sensation from Benfica, who demonstrated his skill by scoring a goal against Sporting CP.

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In his 28 appearances for Benfica, Joao Neves has showcased his proficiency by finding the back of the net twice, highlighting his impactful presence on the field. The adept midfielder’s exceptional performances have garnered attention, with his current market value estimated at €20 million, according to the latest evaluations on

Noteworthy is Neves’ international exposure, having earned a cap while representing the Portuguese national team. This not only underscores his prowess at the club level but also emphasizes his versatility and skill on the grander stage of international football.

Despite the escalating interest from various quarters, Benfica remains resolute in its determination to retain their prized academy graduate, actively working to repel any potential suitors eyeing him in the forthcoming January transfer window.

In a strategic maneuver earlier this year, the club secured Neves’ commitment by extending his contract until 2028. This strategic move incorporates a robust safeguard—an imposing €120 million release clause. This substantial figure signals the club’s unequivocal intent to ensure equitable compensation for their burgeoning star, should any potential transfer negotiations arise.

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Benfica’s proactive stance in securing Joao Neves to a long-term contract not only attests to their unwavering faith in his potential but also serves as a deterrent against premature departures.

The presence of a €120 million release clause stands as a clear testament to Benfica’s determination to shield their investment, making it unequivocally clear to potential suitors that acquiring their prized asset comes at a considerable cost.

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In the dynamic world of football talent, Joao Neves’ journey continues to unfold as a riveting narrative, with Benfica tactfully balancing the delicate equation of nurturing their talent while thwarting external interests.

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