Top footballers ranked by most red cards in European football 2023-24 – 20.10.23

Top footballers ranked by most red cards in European football 2023-24

Football statistics

Who will finish the season as the top footballer ranked by most red cards in European football? Who has made the most red cards so far this season? And how many? Let’s find out!

Statistics are used for a variety of different reasons within professional football today. Stats refer to football player or football team’s accomplishments throughout any given game. For instance, during games, statisticians keep track of goals, saves, tackles, interceptions, passes, dribbles, shots, aerial duels won, blocked shots, fouls, key passes, assists, offsides, clearances, yellow cards, red cards, pass success percentages, possessions, etc., to create stats sheets to follow the players’ or team’s progress. Individual or team statistics can have a great bearing on playing time, game outcome, team selections and rankings, and more.

Based on the most recent football statistics and records, we have compiled a comprehensive post listing the top footballers ranked by most red cards in European football.

Loads of football players can be bad in this statistical category, however only the footballers with the biggest number of red cards have made it onto our list.

This statistical article brings you top footballers ranked by most red cards in European football of the season so far. Let’s see!

Football statistics

Top footballers ranked by most red cards in European football 2023-24

# Player Red Cards
1 Chimy Avila Osasuna, 29, AM(LR),FW 2
2 Oihan Sancet Athletic Bilbao, 23, M(C),FW 2
3 Aarón Martín Genoa, 26, D(L),M(L) 1
4 Abdul Mumin Rayo Vallecano, 25, D(C) 1
5 Aboubacar Lô Metz, 23, Defender 1
6 Adrien Thomasson Lens, 29, M(CLR) 1
7 Alberto Moreno Villarreal, 31, D(L),M(L) 1
8 Alejandro Catena Osasuna, 28, D(C) 1
9 Álex Baena Villarreal, 22, AM(CL) 1
10 Alexandre Lacazette Lyon, 32, M(CLR),FW 1
11 Alexis Mac Allister Liverpool, 24, M(CL),FW 1
12 Alexis Saelemaekers Bologna, 24, M(R) 1
13 Alexsandro Ribeiro Lille, 24, D(C) 1
14 Alfonso Pedraza Villarreal, 27, D(L),M(L) 1
15 Álvaro Morata Atletico Madrid, 30, AM(L),FW 1
16 Anass Zaroury Burnley, 22, AM(L),FW 1
17 Ansgar Knauff Eintracht Frankfurt, 21, M(LR) 1
18 Antonio Blanco Deportivo Alaves, 23, DMC 1
19 Arne Engels Augsburg, 20, DMC 1
20 Bastien Meupiyou Nantes, 17, Defender 1
21 Brenden Aaronson Union Berlin, 22, AM(CLR) 1
22 Calvin Bassey Fulham, 23, D(CL) 1
23 Curtis Jones Liverpool, 22, AM(CL) 1
24 Darwin Machís Cadiz, 30, AM(LR) 1
25 Diogo Jota Liverpool, 26, AM(CLR),FW 1
26 Domingos Duarte Getafe, 28, D(C) 1
27 Edgar González Almeria, 26, D(C),DMC 1
28 Fabrizio Angileri Getafe, 29, D(L),M(L) 1
29 Fede San Emeterio Cadiz, 26, DMC 1
30 Federico Baschirotto Lecce, 27, D(C) 1

A list of the top footballers ranked by most red cards in European football.

Football statistics

Red Card – Red cards are used as a means to discipline players for misconduct during the game. A yellow card is used to caution players, while a red card results in the player’s dismissal from the field of play.

The success of a football team depends a lot on the individual players making up that team. However, not all positions on a team are the same and there are significant differences in the style of game being played in different leagues. It is therefore important to take into account both the position and the league when evaluating individual football players.

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