Top tacklers ranked by most tackles in Eredivisie 2022-23 – 04.12.22

Top tacklers ranked by most tackles in Eredivisie 2022-23

Football statistics

Who will finish the season as the top tackler ranked by most tackles in Eredivisie? Who has made the most tackles so far this season? And how many? Let’s find out!

Statistics are used for a variety of different reasons within professional football today. Stats refer to football player or football team’s accomplishments throughout any given game. For instance, during games, statisticians keep track of goals, saves, tackles, interceptions, passes, dribbles, shots, aerial duels won, blocked shots, fouls, key passes, assists, offsides, clearances, yellow cards, red cards, pass success percentages, possessions, etc., to create stats sheets to follow the players’ or team’s progress. Individual or team statistics can have a great bearing on playing time, game outcome, team selections and rankings, and more.

Based on the most recent football statistics and records, we have compiled a comprehensive post listing the top tacklers ranked by most tackles in Eredivisie.

Loads of football players can be good in this statistical category, however only the footballers with the biggest number of tackles have made it onto our list.

This statistical article brings you top tacklers ranked by most tackles in Eredivisie of the season so far. Let’s see!

Football statistics

Top tacklers ranked by most tackles in Eredivisie 2022-23

# Player Tackles
1 Brian Plat FC Volendam, 22, D(R) 49
2 Ramiz Zerrouki Twente, 24, DMC 46
3 Ibrahim Sangaré PSV Eindhoven, 24, DMC 37
4 Derry Murkin FC Volendam, 23, D(L) 35
5 Souffian El Karouani NEC Nijmegen, 22, D(L),M(L) 33
6 Thom Haye SC Heerenveen, 27, M(CLR) 33
7 Maximilian Wittek Vitesse, 27, D(L),M(LR) 32
8 Dávid Hancko Feyenoord, 24, D(CL) 31
9 Siebe Horemans Excelsior, 24, D(R) 31
10 Gernot Trauner Feyenoord, 30, D(C) 30
11 Lucas Bernadou FC Emmen, 22, DMC 30
12 Quinten Timber Feyenoord, 21, DMC 30
13 Gijs Smal Twente, 25, D(L) 29
14 Joey Pelupessy FC Groningen, 29, DMC 29
15 Pantelis Hatzidiakos AZ Alkmaar, 25, D(CR) 29
16 Sai van Wermeskerken Cambuur, 28, D(LR) 29
17 Arianit Ferati Fortuna Sittard, 25, M(C) 28
18 Jordy Clasie AZ Alkmaar, 31, D(C),DMC 28
19 Mees Hilgers Twente, 21, D(C) 28
20 Iñigo Córdoba Fortuna Sittard, 25, AM(CLR),FW 27
21 Julian Lelieveld RKC Waalwijk, 24, D(R) 27
22 Modibo Sagnan FC Utrecht, 23, D(C) 27
23 Nathan Tjoe-A-On Excelsior, 20, D(L) 27
24 Sean Klaiber FC Utrecht, 28, D(R),M(CR) 27
25 Sven Mijnans Sparta Rotterdam, 22, AM(CR) 27
26 Carel Eiting FC Volendam, 24, DMC 26
27 Damon Mirani FC Volendam, 26, D(C) 26
28 Edson Álvarez Ajax, 25, D(C),DMC 26
29 Joshua Kitolano Sparta Rotterdam, 21, DMC 26
30 Mees Hoedemakers Cambuur, 24, DMC 26

A list of the top tacklers ranked by most tackles in Eredivisie.

Football statistics

Tackle – A tackle is defined as where a football player connects with the ball in a ground challenge where he successfully takes the ball away from the opposite player in possession.

The success of a football team depends a lot on the individual players making up that team. However, not all positions on a team are the same and there are significant differences in the style of game being played in different leagues. It is therefore important to take into account both the position and the league when evaluating individual football players.

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